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Hi, I'm Sanjay Jolly. I'm a life coach, business coach, speaker and author.

For more than 30 years of working in development, improvement and excellence, as internal and external resource, I have been instrumental to enhance the Human and Business performance.

Experienced to support several organizations of different sizes and individuals from different domains, situated in different geographical locations as India, Australia, Kenya and other countries,
I am enthused to share the learning with individuals, groups and organizations to expand their capabilities and reach to peak performance level for achieving sustainable growth in multi-dimensions.

About Me

How I can help you.

Human Life is always seeking the expression of Joy by expanding and unfolding in the various dimensions, some are conscious about this thing but many don't. The process of expanding and unfolding and achieving virtuous goals on continual basis is known as Success.

To execute this process, one must think clearly and acquire knowledge about the laws of nature, recognized as spiritual laws and to live the life in conscious harmony with these laws.

My role as a Coach is to teach, prepare and develop the clients to live their life as per the natural laws to realize inner vision & transform into external reality.

Ask an Expert

How does Success feel? Amazing Right!

Do you want to limit your life anything less than you desire? Don’t you deserve or go beyond? No matter what is your current state, you can prepare yourself   to create outstanding success and achieve the significant goals you aspire in most important areas of your life. Come out from the boundaries of comfort zone. Learn and deploy the strategies, processes and methods to thrive.

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Business Coaching can enable Business leaders to realize multi fold success by marching progressively towards the goals and enjoying the journey by learning, growing, expanding and loving the process of achievement. Coaching process empowers the aspiring leaders to let the cloud evaporate and hidden star shine out in the personal as well as business world. The process commences from creating a Vision for dream business, and being committed to manifest into reality.


A good Keynote speech is one which implant the seeds in your mind to act in different ways to improve your life situation. The one which contains relevant stories it remains stuck with you and keeps on inspiring you to behave differently. The session could be a life changing event for you, your team members, associates or employees. Sanjay speaks on motivation, change and creativity.

How I can help
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Daniela Curdorf

Happiness Coach, Italy

“Sanjay is really a wonderful coach; he is very intuitive to guide you toward your own solutions and to get your own insights. Should you ever feel lost though, he has a lot of expertise to share. He is really a gentle soul. After working with him on setting up my own business, I now feel much more confident and know now how to approach and what to do next. It gave me clarity.”


Nihar Shah

Director, A-Tech Ltd, Kenya


I had always wondered if I can change myself to be able to work and think like people who are successful, people who can think. It was like life was a big equation the more I thought about this more it was sounding confusing to me.At this point I met Sanjay. He started coaching me on personal development.

The feeling and purpose of my life changed. I start looking at everything from a different angle. He taught me various techniques such as meditation, breathing exercise, visualization, etc.


My life has changed, I now look forward to living each and every day.

It is a pleasure to be coached by Sanjay.

Would you like to know more about it? It is certainly a good idea.

Let's Discuss Your thoughts for a quick session.

IntroductoryOnline Call

Coaching process can influence you to think and act on building the life you desire. This small amount is worthwhile to gain more clarity. Let’s discuss and understand what kind of service will be fit for you?

30 min

Let's Talk

"I support individuals and groups conceive their visions and place them on voyage to manifest into reality"

Sanjay Jolly

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