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Business Coaching can enable Business leaders to realize multi fold success by marching progressively towards the goals and enjoying the journey by learning, growing, expanding and enjoying the process of achievement. Right leadership is the key ingredient for business success as it enables and allows businesses to grow multi-fold and to withstand the inevitable challenges that will develop from time to time.


Coaching process empowers the aspiring leaders to let the clouds evaporate and hidden star shine out in the personal as well as the business world. Structure of Business Coaching Model:


  • Creating a vision for your dream business

  • Set goals and remain committed to achieve

  • Unbiased understanding through expanded awareness

  • Thinking clearly and identifying limiting beliefs

  • Select the right leverage points to enable improvements

  • Identifying the proper strategies and deploying vertically and horizontally to keep the total organization aligned.

  • Creating and sustaining ecological balance between all the core and support functions.

  • Accelerated skill building of people for performing jobs, improving processes and enhancing relationship

  • Selecting proper decisions and map out accurate planning 

  • Executing relevant actions, deploying assessment process and continually refining the methods

Business Coaching

USD 255


Rs. 15975 


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